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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 – Faces Designs Stencils Patterns Templates | Jack O Lantern: Download Traditional, Easy & Scary pumpkin carving ideas with different templates, Jack o Lantern and Pumpkin Carving Patterns with funny faces for this Halloween 31st October 2019. Hey Guys, We have written more than 10 ideas for this Halloween which will give you a broad idea of how you can carve a pumpkin and present to your loved ones. People just wait for Halloween in a crazy manner all around the year and it would be a great idea to do some pumpkin carving patterns at home to make Halloween even more special. Pumpkin really means a lot to people because it will give Chance to people to carve them and present to their loved ones.

We have also uploaded different easy pumpkin carving ideas with images, you can check one by one and share with your loved ones. You can also check out some cool stencils such as stencils with cat and patterns with the skull. We also uploaded some Halloween coloring pages for kids which is totally free so also check once.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 with Smile

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 with Smile

Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas 2018

Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas 2019

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 with Scary Faces

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 with Scary Faces

We have uploaded different ideas with images which will give you a wide variety of pumpkin carving ideas.

The pumpkin that Reads: Once you are done carving a face on the pumpkin, render it with reading glasses. Place some books and a pen near the pumpkin. Your pumpkin is now ready to acquire its education. This is the easiest ideas for carving a pumpkin.

Frolicking Pumpkin: After taking out the seeds and the pulp from inside the pumpkin, take a sharp knife on the pumpkin and sculpt a funny face on the pumpkin with a broad grin. Ensure that you carve the teeth as well of the pumpkin to add further to the humour. We have also uploaded some more ideas you can check out one by one.

Smiles Spreading Pumpkin: No matter what event or festival you are organising or attending, smiles are indispensable. The same goes for the Halloween as well. Take the pumpkin, and remove the seeds from inside it. Take a suitable tool such as a knife and carve a beautiful smiling face on the pumpkin surface.

The Gang of Pumpkins: Here you need to have around 5-8 small pumpkins. Draw amusing facial expressions on all the pumpkins with the use of different paint colours. To cap it all, you can take the help of some other accessories as well such as a cap, sunglasses, bow, etc.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas 2018

Halloween Pumpkin Carving ideas 2019

You can add a special touch of creativity and artistic appeal to the pumpkins by carving them with brilliant ideas and make them the centre of attraction in your celebration. You can just check these Halloween pumpkin carving Ideas one by one and share with your friends. Check out one by one and share with your loved ones on this special day.

Solve the Pumpkin: After removing the inner material of the pumpkin, either draw a colourful pattern on the pumpkin or paste any random picture on it. Take out multiple shapes with the help of a knife from the pumpkin and ask kids to place the removed pieces to their original position.

Attired Pumpkin: Fancy dress parties are not the only occasion to put on funny and tempting clothes. You can indulge in the same on the Halloween as well, but here, your pumpkin gets to be dressed up. Put on different clothing on the pumpkin and supplement it with the necessary accessories based on the attire chosen.

Here Are Some of the Best Ideas for Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Simple dotted style Pumpkin

1) Simple dotted style: Just hollow the inside stuff of pumpkin and create small holes all over in the form of polka dots. If you wish you can also paint the outside of the pumpkin. Now you can place a battery operated light bulb inside the pumpkin. At night it will glow as if the stars are shining in the night. It will make your Halloween very special.Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Preschoolers

Beautiful pot design Pumpkin

2) Beautiful pot design: You need to follow the content of the pumpkin and then paint it in any style you like. After that, place a glass or plastic bottle inside the pumpkin. 

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Now you can put some flowers inside the glass or plastic bottle which is actually surrounded by the pumpkin. It will appear like a pumpkin vase and you will simply fall in love with the adorable design.Pumpkin with Flower pot

Special message pumpkin

3) Special message pumpkin: If you wish to convey a special message through the pumpkin, then after making it hollow you can use a sharp tool available at home to carve letters and numbers. Such a pumpkin would give the message you want to convey to the visitors. Special message pumpkin will be pumpkin carving ideas for Toddlers and preschoolersHappy-Halloween-Pumpkin-Face

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Zombies and skeletons Pumpkin

4) Zombies and skeletons: Halloween would be incomplete without zombies and skeleton based pumpkin. For the exact designs, you can always check on the internet and then carve the pumpkin in the best possible way. A spooky feel is very much essential in Halloween and such a craved pumpkin will definitely be the centre of attraction.

pumpkin carving patterns skeleton Easy Scary

pumpkin carving patterns skeleton Easy Scary

Vampire and witch styled pumpkin

5) Vampire and witch styled pumpkin: You can make vampire and witch style pumpkin by carving it with patience and efforts. It may take a little time to make it like that but the final results would be absolutely stunning.

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Pumpkin with Halloween city

6) The Halloween city: You can take around 5 to 6 pumpkins and paint houses and castles on it. Now take out the little pieces out with appropriate tools that will be seen like open windows and gates. Such pumpkins, when put together, will give a special feel as if you have entered into the Halloween city.

pumpkin carving patterns scary clown Download

pumpkin carving patterns scary clown Download

Cartoon character based pumpkin design

7) Cartoon character based pumpkin design: You can also carve the pumpkin in form of special cartoon characters that you love. To achieve perfection in such carving it may take a little time but you can always give a try, after all, it’s the matter of Halloween. In order to get the exact design of cartoon characters, you can always search online and then begin the carving.cartoon pumpkin

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Artistic pumpkin

8) Artistic pumpkin: You can create a really artistic pumpkin by engraving or carve flower patterns, leaf designs, branch design etc. It will make the pumpkin look really creative and alluring. It will surely become the main centre of attraction for Halloween.



Happy pumpkin

9) Happy pumpkin: What would be better than a pumpkin bearing a smiley face? You can easily carve the pumpkin to have a smiley face. If you want you can provide such carving a little touch of comedy by making false teeth with help of white paint colour, adding black wool to act like hair, you can also stitch some small clothes at home to give the appearance to the pumpkin like a human figure. It is a nice idea to carve a pumpkin in this way.

pumpkin carving patterns with braces

pumpkin carving patterns with braces

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Pumpkin with Favourite animals

10) Favourite animals: You can carve any animal that you like by using a pumpkin. For the exact design, you may check online to get a complete idea that how simply the carving can be done. You can make a lion face, cat, birds, etc. easily by carving the pumpkin. You can also paint it if you want to give a more appealing look.

pumpkin carving patterns wolf howling

pumpkin carving patterns wolf howling

Space styled pumpkin

11) Space styled pumpkin: You can make a planet out of a pumpkin by carving it. Paint it so that it gets a natural planet like the look and for creating the outer ring of the planet you can use foil paper in silver colour. So you can get your own planet carved at home by actually using a pumpkin.

pumpkin carving patterns haunted house

pumpkin carving patterns haunted house

Owl-faced pumpkin

12) Owl-faced pumpkin: You can very easily make owl faces by carving the pumpkin. First of all, follow the content inside the pumpkin and then with special tools carve owl faces. You can also try carving some funny owl faces to add a humorous touch.

Scary faced pumpkin

13) Scary faced pumpkin: Create a face on the pumpkin that is scared. You can make this https://halloweenpumpkincarvingpatterns.com/scary-pumpkin-carving-ideas-designs-patterns-for-halloween.htmlstyle of a face by creating broad eyes, open mouth etc. Just pay attention to the vital details while creating a pumpkin that looks like a scared person and you will be able to achieve absolute perfection.

pumpkin carving patterns angry face

pumpkin carving patterns angry face

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Stylish human pumpkin

14) Stylish human pumpkin: You can make a pumpkin very stylish looking male or female. For that, just paint the outside of pumpkin to make features like eyes, nose, lips, hair etc. You can then place accessories like sunglasses, earrings, duplicate hair to actually give it a feel of the real person.

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Sparkling pumpkin

15) Sparkling pumpkin: You can make a really glossy and sparkling pumpkin by using sparkle colours. It will look like something from another world. You can use glitter, sparkle pens, and other creative accessories for designing such a pumpkin.Sparkling Pumpkin

Pumpkin with Crawly creature

16) Pumpkin with Crawly creature: This can again be termed as a very creepy kind of pumpkin carving style. You can paint the pumpkin in the form of a spider or any other insect. To make legs of these creatures you can use foil paper and roll it into twisted leg shape. If you want, you can glue it on sides of pumpkin as it is or otherwise you can paint these foils with black colour for the more realistic look. It will give a crawly insect-like appeal.Pumpkin with crawly creatures

These are some of the best Halloween pumpkin carving ideas that you can easily try at home. So don’t wait anymore and explore your creative side with these awesome suggestions.

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Latest Free Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils Printables

Jack o Lantern Ideas 



Jack o Lantern Designs 



  Pumpkin Carving Templates  

pumpkin carving ideas templates Free printables download

pumpkin carving ideas templates Free printables download

Pumpkin Carving Faces

Pumpkin Carving Faces scary

Pumpkin Carving Faces scary

Pumpkin carving ideas for 7-year-old: If you are planning to welcome this Halloween with more enthusiasm and great pumpkin carvings, then you put your toils on our shoulders as we are going to endow you with the extravagant ideas. Either you want to carve a pumpkin for yourself or teach your kid about this art, you will not face disappointment in any way. You need to focus on only the safety of your child as that is before any celebration. After ensuring the terms of safety, you may try these ideas.

  • Happy Pumpkin: A happy face pumpkin is not a battling carving to perform so you can easily rely on your kid’s skills that they can do it. Show them similar examples if you want to witness perfection in their pumpkin art.
  • Ghost pumpkin: You do not need to put much efforts to carve this pumpkin so draw a painting of ghost on the pumpkin. Then, you can instruct your kid to carve the parts as per the drawings. Make it sure that you do not hand over the carving toolkit into the hands of your kid.
  • Vomiting pumpkin: Allow your kid to carve the pumpkin and instruct them not to throw the inner pulp of pumpkin whereas spreading that for making it look like vomit. Then, your carving is ready.
  • Forest pumpkin: The forest pumpkin carving is effortless as you need to extract the pulp out from the pumpkin. Afterwards, say your kid to fill it with grass and to place some small sculptures of animals into it.
  • Cat pumpkin: The little moustache of a cat is not going to be much challenging to carve for your kid. Thus, you can do one thing that draws the structure and allow the kid to carve with their hands.

After this, your kid will surely enjoy the Halloween eve, as nothing is better than watching own carvings. So, allow your kid to spread the wings.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 without Carve or No carve

Source: Lowes.com

Drizzled-Paint Pumpkin: Spray-paint a clean pumpkin black or white. Dip a brush into paint and drizzle paint onto the pumpkin one color at a time, turning and tipping it for even coverage and to remove any paint that collects around the stem. After one coat dries, layer on another contrasting color.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 without Carve

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 without Carve

Ghostly Gourd: This pale white pumpkin can rattle its own chains. Start with a coat of off-white spray paint. Cut pieces of brass chain long enough to stretch from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. For each chain, anchor the top link to the pumpkin just beside the stem using a brass furniture nail. Drape the chain straight down the side of the pumpkin and nail the bottom end in place.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 without Carve

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 without Carve

Branch Out: Form an eerie backdrop for a gnarled tree by painting the upper two-thirds of a pumpkin purple and the lower third green. (Feather the edges between the colors all the way around.) After the paint dries, paint a white moon high on the side. To make the tree, squeeze any color of paintable latex or silicone caulk onto waxed paper to form the branches, trunk, and roots — the more gnarled the better. After the caulk dries overnight, spray-paint it black and let dry. The underside of the caulk should be just sticky enough to grip the side of the pumpkin while you press it in place.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 without Carve

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 without Carve

Crow-and-Branch Pattern: Add a spooky scene to a plain pumpkin. Use the downloadable stencil for this crow-and-branch scene. Download the pattern, attach it to the pumpkin, and use a straight pin to outline the pattern. Remove the paper template. Paint inside the outline using a small brush. For best results, apply paint in light layers. Let dry.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2018 without Carve

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 without Carve

Stripes and Dots: Stripes and polka dots are simple way to celebrate the season. To add stripes, start with a white pumpkin. Using a 1-inch paintbrush and yellow paint, follow the lines from the stem to the pumpkin’s base. Create a spotted pumpkin by covering it with a coat of white paint and adding orange polka dots. For painted pumpkins, start with a smooth, clean surface. Let paint dry between coats


painted-pumpkin-full-view Pumpkin 

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Lovers

Loving Pumpkins: Take a pair of pumpkins an remove all the seeds from inside them. Render one with the face of a guy while another with the face of a girl. To make them more enthralling, furnish them with appropriate clothing and accessories as well.


Sexy Pumpkin Carving ideas

The Pumpkin that Never Lies: Once you are done carving a face on the pumpkin, render it with some accessories that resemble the traits of a solicitor. Do not forget to hand over some law books to your advocate.

Leafy garland Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving ideas that never lies

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