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22+ Pop Culture Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 for this Halloween Night

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 for this Halloween Night: Does not matter how modern the world gets, the pumpkin carving ideas on the Halloween will never be out of fashion. People from every age group indulge in pumpkin carving to adorn their places by having different expressions of pumpkins roaming around them. For the people who are planning to celebrate the coming Halloween with some new ideas, the following pumpkin carving methods will come to a lot handy for them.

22+ Pop Culture Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 for this Halloween Night22+ Pop Culture Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2019 for this Halloween Night

1) Eye See You Pumpkin

Put white pumpkins inside bigger, orange pumpkins to create these spooky-looking carvings.




2) Medusa

Don’t look this modern Medusa in the eye or you might turn to stone. Carve 2 large round eyes, 2 smaller circles for nostrils, and squiggly mouth into a blue-green pumpkin. (Tip: Measure and plan for eye holes to fit LED lights snugly.) Push in LED lights. Hot-glue armature wire to back of rubber snakes, leaving a few extra inches on back end. Push wired snakes into top at sides for pigtails.pumpkin-carving-ideas-medusa-1538760406


3) Bean Bag Toss Pumpkins

No, these pumpkins are screaming, they are getting ready to join in on the festivities. Stack two on top of each other, give them a big enough mouth, and you’ve got the perfect bean bag toss game.pumpkin-carving-ideas-1565294746Source:

4) Head of Hair

Top your pumpkin with its very own plant toupee. Carve out the top of the gourd and tuck in a pot of grass or ivy for a truly awesome hairdo.Pumpkin Carving Ideas with Head of HairSource:

5) Autumn Leaf Carving

Turn your pumpkin into a work of art by using a small knife to gently create leaves. After all, the foliage is one of the prettiest parts of fall.pumpkin-carving-ideas-leaves-1570561290Source:

6) Pumpkin Candy Jar

The only things sweeter than this chalkboard pumpkin candy jar are the treats inside.


7) Scary Sights

Halloween is the scariest holiday of the year, and these terrified pumpkins can certainly attest to this from their frightful expressions.Pumpkin Carving Ideas scary Smith


8) Fright Night

It looks like this startled jack-o-‘lantern has had a few too many scares.Pumpkin Carving Ideas with Hair spikes

9) Haunted house pumpkin

Are your carving skills up to the test? Probably not (no offence), but nothing wrong with aiming high..

Haunted house - pumpkin carving ideasSource:

10) Instant Pot Pumpkin

Thanks to Reddit user kalitarios1, Instant Pot fans know exactly how to decorate their pumpkins this year.

Instant boo pumpkin carving ideasSource:

11) A Pumpkin With a Tongue

Layering more than one pumpkin is a great way to mix up your carving technique this year. This feisty pumpkin from Ladyface Blog is made by carving a simple jack-o’-lantern and layering the hair and tongue on top. This is a great, creative idea that even kids can try.pumpkin carving ideas with tongue

2Source: ladyfaceblog

12) The cannibal jack-o’-lantern

Another simple gag. This one calls for two pumpkins — one large and one small — to create a carnivorous display. Carve the mouth on your large pumpkin wide enough (but not too wide — you can always shave down the stem) to fit your small pumpkin. Bonus points for carving or painting a shocked face on the pumpkin “meal.”Pumpkin Carving ideas FunnySource:

13) Tiny and Colorful

Mini pumpkins dyed with food coloring are adorbs arranged on a cake plate.

Pumpkin carving ideas with complete familySource:

14) Glitter Pumpkin

What’s better than a pumpkin that’s easy to carve? One that you can keep for years to come. As long as you have a carving knife, glue, and glitter, you can tackle this DIY in less than 20 minutes.

pumpkin carving ideas with glitter Source:

15) Cute Whale

Super simple but super cute way to serve a whale. Don’t forget to add a tail!100-halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-10Source:

16) A Night Out On The Town Pumpkin Carving Pattern


17) Illuminating Halloween pumpkin

To create our illuminating Halloween pumpkin, first, download and print one of our leaf templates listed below. Cut the bottom off a pumpkin, and remove the seeds and pulp. Place the leaf template in your desired spot, pin in place, and then trace the design onto the pumpkin with a pencil. Using a pumpkin-carving tool, cut out the traced leaf design. Cut pieces of yellow vellum, and pin them to the inside of the pumpkin over the leaf openings. Add a battery-operated candle. To make the display even more illuminated, learn how to make our luminary .

Pumpkin Carving ideas with Leaves


18) Multiple Pumpkin IdeasPumpkin Carving ideas with multiple pumpkinSource:

19) Jack Skellington Inspired

If you want scary pumpkin carving faces, try this one. It’ll definitely scare away some unsuspecting trick-or-treaters! It is pretty simple and you most likely won’t even need a template. The mouth requires a deep, straight-line carving across the front. Add haphazard, tiny, vertical lines through the mouth for a stitched look. Make sure you carve in eyebrows to match the eyes for a truly evil face.


20) Peek a Boo Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving ideas with peek a booSource:

21) The Joker and the Bat Signal

The Joker on one side and the Bat Signal on the other makes for one very cool pumpkin! You could even use a stencil of your favorite Joker.



22) Decoupage Pumpkin

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